Google "Pigeon" Update Targets Local Search Results

by Robert M on July 30, 2014


I wrote last month about how some of my search results had completely vanished, most of them local results, and how I thought Google had changed their algorithm. This seems to be confirmed by Google’s latest big update, unofficially named Pigeon by the guys at Search Engine Land.  The update is believed to have revamped local search results, apparently for the better, but time will tell on that one. We’ve talked before about the importance of local search optimization, and it seems as though Google has reinforced this idea with their latest release.

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Social Media Consulting at WebVideoCrew

by Robert M on July 24, 2014


At WebVideoCrew, we specialize in both video production and social media consulting. This sets us apart from our competitors since we understand every aspect of written SEO and video SEO. The latter is still being ignored by so many companies out there, who usually don’t see the efficacy of creating videos. Businesses of all sizes neglect to create a video campaign, commonly believing it to be expensive and unnecessary.

First of all, video isn’t expensive at all. It’s far cheaper than most advertising campaigns, and, unlike such campaigns, videos can last forever.

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10 Tools for Social Media Monitoring - with Prices to Suit Every Budget

by Robert M on July 19, 2014


We recently covered some free social media monitoring services, so today we wanted to offer some alternatives that are popular with online marketers, although they come at a price. Fortunately, most of them offer some kind of free trial so you can try before you buy – ideal in this tough economy. We also want to give you some software that hasn’t been mentioned in older blogs, covered here and here. Another point to note: the following tools are primarily for social media monitoring; however, many also offer analytics and interaction features as well.

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5 of the Best Pieces of Social Marketing Software Ever Created (In our opinion!)

by Robert M on July 14, 2014


A workman is only as good as his tools. A quote normally attributed to tradesmen, but it’s also true of modern marketing, specifically social media marketing. We’ve talked before about the various ways in which we can automate some of the tedious tasks involved in a social media campaign, so today we’ve decided to list some of the most popular software for doing this.  Of course, the exact tools needed will depend on your goals and expectations, but the following five pieces of social marketing software should get you off to a good start.

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Many SEO Agencies Struggle to Regain Rank after Unconfirmed Google Updates

by Robert M on July 10, 2014


SEO agencies are struggling to regain their rankings after an unconfirmed update penalizes backlinks. According to SE Roundtable, there were noticeable spikes in Google’s SERP results on June 27/28 and July 5, confirmed to some extent by forum posts and users’ dismay at significant drops in search results. Although it wasn’t an official update from Google, we do know that they change their algorithm daily – several times a day actually. Here is an example of what was said at Webmaster World:

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EU Court Decides to Censor Results Online - What does this mean for Google Local Optimization?

by Robert M on July 6, 2014


The Court of Justice of the European Union passed a new law on May 13, 2014, that basically allows people to have content removed from search engines. Since Google is the head honcho in this department, we’re going to focus on them. You can view the official report here, or Google’s summary (no lawyer talk) here. The latter officially says that people can ask to have results removed if:

The results shown would need to be inadequate, irrelevant, no longer relevant, or excessive.

This seems quite abstract since anyone could argue that criticism is “excessive.” In regards to Google local optimization, imagine a plumber with 100 bad reviews and five good ones. He could simply have all of the bad reviews removed from search engines, meaning people searching for a reputable local plumber are duped into hiring a baffoon!

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Google Update Targeted at Press Release Distribution Companies

by Robert M on June 30, 2014


Press release distribution was once the main way for a company to inform people about its new products and services, but people started abusing it for SEO purposes. This abuse meant that websites could increase their traffic quite easily. However, Google are clamping down hard on this tactic. Recently, they penalized PRNewswire for content that was deemed spammy. This included older press releases as well as their newer ones.

The important thing to note here is that nobody is immune to Google’s algorithm updates. PRNewswire were quick to adapt, though, and have removed content that is of poor quality. Their CEO had this to say:

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Writing a Communication Strategy

by Robert M on June 25, 2014


Although the efficacy of a communication strategy has diminished over recent years, it’s still an integral component for companies to manage, monitor and assess their plans of action. However, most of this can be achieved automatically when using a social media management program of some sort. HootSuite, Spredfast and Sprinklr are just three examples of this. We’ve talked about them before so there’s no point in going into too much detail again, but you can read about them here and here.

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Is Google Stealing People's Traffic by Using Widgets?

by Robert M on June 20, 2014


Google have started posting widgets at the very top of search results, in fact, certain searches produce a massive screen in which Google gives people useful information. That in itself is quite handy, but what about websites that have devoted countless man hours and money developing their niche. Google is basically stealing their visitors. One example is with the soccer World Cup, pictured above. The search term “world cup” produces useful data about past, present and future matches, with detailed analyses and current scores for live games. Very useful, yes, but slightly unethical. They seem to have completely disregarded websites that were produced specifically for this purpose.

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Some Cool Social Media Monitoring Services that are also FREE!

by Robert M on June 16, 2014


We covered some useful free Twitter tools in the last blog, so today we wanted to share some software that works with other social networks. Of course, these ones are free too so you won’t have to spend a dime. First and foremost, Wildfire has to be at the top of the list. Why? Mainly because it’s owned by Google (like most things these days!). Being owned by the world superpower means their data is arguably more accurate that anyone else’s, in theory anyway.

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