Turkey Rescinds Ban on Twitter But YouTube Remains Blocked

by Robert M on April 18, 2014


Turkey recently announced that they were banning Twitter after supposed leaked wiretaps were broadcast via the social network. It’s quite a futile ban in today’s age of VPNs and proxies; allowing people to visit any “banned” site in minutes. It seems even more futile than the UK’s ban on torrent sharing websites. One Google search for “EZTV proxy” or “TPB proxy” and problem solved, yet Turkey seem to think they can somehow accomplish this.

The concept is ludicrous, especially as more people become tech-savvy. Even those with little computer knowledge are competent enough to ask Google for a solution. They can even watch how-to guides on YouTube and learn how to bypass such a ban in minutes. This brings us to another outrageous ban – YouTube.

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An Internet Marketing Blog Needs to be Used With Social Media and Off-Page SEO

by Robert M on April 13, 2014


Writing an internet marketing blog in 2014 hasn’t changed much from the previous year, although there seems to be an increasing amount of emphasis placed on social media used in conjunction with blog posts. Having blogs linked to various social networks allows people to view and share content quickly and easily – two traits that have become a necessity in the online world. Of course, the content has to be worth sharing in the first place, which is where trends and other up-to-date info comes in.

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5 Tips for Finding Top SEO Companies

by Robert M on April 9, 2014


Finding top SEO companies is surprisingly difficult in the modern world because far too many people claim to be experts in the industry. Some might even claim to be able to trick Google into ranking their content, unfortunately, this isn’t true. Nobody can trick Google (well, maybe short term) and they should never try to – unless they want to be banned. That said, top SEO companies should always be using white-hat methods rather than black-hat so there’s no risk of upsetting Google’s spiders.

When looking for top SEO companies it’s usually easy to spot the scammers (perhaps a bit harsh calling them scammers, but you get the idea), but sometimes it isn’t so easy. Lots will promise to give your site visibility and many even guarantee a first place spot on Google; quite impossible in reality. Even Google says this:

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Internet Marketing SEO Tips for 2014

by Robert M on April 5, 2014


Internet marketing SEO is an ever changing landscape, mostly due to Google and their relentless updates. However, there are steps you can take that aren’t directly related to Google, such as mobile marketing and local optimization. Having sites compatible with as many devices as possible is one of the easiest ways to reach more people and it’s a rather neglected aspect of SEO despite its potential. Of course, having appropriate on-page content will always be the main factor for internet marketing SEO, but making sites compatible with most devices ensures more reach, and therefore visitors.

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SEO and Google - A Not-So-Epic Battle of Man vs. Machine

by Robert M on March 31, 2014


The Terminator movie was about an epic battle of man versus machine, in a future where the latter tries to dominate the world. We are almost in that situation with regard to SEO and Google, albeit a rather tamed down version that’s unlikely to hit the big screen anytime soon. Although, unlike in the movie, Google seems to have succeeded in world domination! They started as a search engine and nobody paid them much notice, until a few years later when everyone was using the term “Google it”.

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5 of the Best Public Relations Software

by Robert M on March 27, 2014


First of all, what is public relations software?

If we go back to the Eighties or early Nineties, public relations were primarily used for winning elections and spinning political scandals. Now, however, the term is used to describe all sorts of online software that can help manage, monitor or automate social interactions. We’ve talked about lots of useful programs over recent weeks, namely in the 8 quality social media marketing software blog and 12 management tools mentioned in this blog.

Any kind of social media software is technically public relations software, and that means the level of sophistication will vary greatly from program to program. On top of that, the sheer number of programs and packages available is immense, so we’ve decided to look for the most affordable and useful programs out there (one being WebVideoCrew!).

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Video Marketing - THE Most Influential Way to Reach Your Customers

by Robert M on March 23, 2014


Video marketing was once an added extra that most companies ignored – mainly because of the unnecessary cost and uncertain results videos could produce. If we go back 5 or 10 years, this was probably true; only the largest of corporations would have bothered with such a venture. But, even then the cost of video marketing wasn’t overly expensive. Okay, it was more expensive than having professional content written, or having photographers take some high quality snapshots, but more expensive than regular advertising campaigns? Not by a long shot.

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8 Pieces of Social Media Marketing Software to Streamline Your Business

by Robert M on March 19, 2014


Social media marketing software is available in abundance thanks to the internet, but most of the tools out there are subpar, at best, so we’ve decided to compile eight of the most useful ones, in our opinion. We previously talked about free social listening tools, management tools and free images, but the most effective programs have to be paid for, unfortunate as it may be. Free software is still useful and can be used in conjunction with the following programs, though their efficacy depends entirely on your needs.

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Choosing a Press Release Service - Free Versus Premium

by Robert M on March 14, 2014


Press releases were once a vital commodity with regard to SEO and brand recognition, however, their effectiveness has diminished greatly over the past few years. That isn’t to say they aren’t useful anymore, but rather they aren’t AS useful as they once were. This is mainly due to Google changes, though other factors such as oversaturation and manipulation are the main causes. People saw it as an easy way to gain quality backlinks and increase their site’s popularity, and, as more people realized this, it became increasingly difficult for SEO purposes.

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Social Media Certification - A Modern Day Skill But is it Really Necessary?

by Robert M on March 9, 2014


The world of social media is ever changing and that doesn’t help those who are new to the environment, especially since the sheer number of social networks is regularly increasing. Fortunately, social media certification is one way in which anyone can become a guru in the field, although such training tends to vary greatly in complexity. Another downside of such accreditation is the expense, which can range from $99 to $5,000. However, the information obtained at one of these premium services is readily available online, meaning social media certification can be obtained for free.

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